Stanley Kubrick's One-Point Perspective:Composition Nourishment

I just came across this great video on one point perspective for my composition class at RMSP.

oh my. the wall is down. i leave for the catalyst in just a few minutes. it feels strange. before taking down the wall, i decided to photograph it naked without the images. here is a view from that:

Hey you, sketching, this is the last time we are going to wake up together...Happy Travels to you..

just in case you can make it...

here's something called 'working at it.' it's part of the nightmare,daydream group. and know that it's a flip around. there's a handle so, know it's o.k. to touch my art and look behind it if you have the inkling....

the process of making things

i know where i am.
it's familiar territory.
so i know it's temporary.
but it's still frustrating.
working on my shows for this season and my mind is mud.
last week was fruitful. this week is walled in.
it's time to set the new rhythm, but committing to art
practice is easy once you are inside it, but getting there
is sometimes a bit tricky. i think you know what i am talking about.

learning curves

i went to sleep last night alert. i am either being reminded of and/or learning new things about myself. this weekend has been a fresh one for me. for the first time in a a very long time, i have allowed myself to be present with making some things. to everyone and everything that i am beholden to, i apologize for being self-centered. thanks for your understanding. it feels great. i am enjoying the silence...roaming about in my mind.

i am interpreting a concept for a friend's group show called 'love.' those of you who know me, know that i am not one to ever stray from my projects or from what i like to address in my when my friend, shawn asked me to join him in this show, i was a bit leary, but immediately said yes from a place of love for what he is setting out to do.

thank you shawn, for getting me back to simple inquiries. thank you for reminding me that sometimes allowing outside hands into my work space can move me into directions that may not have occurred otherwise.

o.k. i get it:
1. i am not good at being 'crafty' for the sake of making something look good. There is no Martha Stewart destiny for me.

2. i work slow. very slow. i spend a lot of time looking at each stage of a piece.
why is it so ugly? how can i get rid of that texture? should i make the texture more ruinous?
where did that bubble come from? does it matter? i'm excited about this. would anyone else get it? who cares.
what am i thinking-that color is just fucked up. what happened to all of the writing? is it a sign. no bring it back.
well that was stupid. this is looking hot. (dancing) oops. do it again. no grab the other one, stick it in the oven...will the cancer causing agents be bad for me? i really like those towers. yep. they're just right. where's the charcoal. now you've made it worse. (looking looking looking it) so far back no one will know what it said. like this like this. what about the sides. want to test the oven. do a tester.

3. this is my favorite place to be. everything is right in my world when i make room for art.

i'm calling this one 'love in the 21st century, parallel one and two.'

i hope you all can honor yourselves and your life today in a special way!

Some F-Stops Are More Equal Than Others

I know, I am geeking out, but I was thinking about this yesterday while making images with my 35mm digi. We all know this to be true but somehow reading this little article got me wanting my 4x5 again or find someone with a digital 4x5. Check out this link.Some F-Stops Are More Equal Than Others

merry christmas everyone.

i love to watch snow fall. the gentleness of it. hopefully, all of you have experienced this type of snowfall. well, tonight it's quiet in missoula. i just wanted to wish you all that feeling of peace one feels when snow falls gently. i hope you all get a few moments of blissful silence that let you know that all is o.k. here's a snapshot of me burying a 'very important thing' last summer...and my friends thought i couldn't get there with a broken foot..good times.


Compelling Advertisement by Nadav Kander

Nadav Kander's images cause me to pause...How Amazed I was when I found out I could listen to him lecture...

I had the extraordinary opportunity to listen to Nadav Kander speak while I was attending the Adobe Summit last summer at Santa Fe Workshops. Reid Callanan hosts a number of free lectures throughout his workshop season and Nadav Kander happened to be teaching for Santa Fe while I was there. My mind was whirling throughout his lecture and I found inspiration and intrigue in almost everything he said. I just came across my poorly written notes and thought that I would share a few of the things that he said as he discussed his work and his process. Forgive me, Nadav, if I have misquoted you.
"The viewer is viewing the inner condition of the photographer more than they are viewing the subject."
"I'm far more interested in people's moods and the moods they can invoke in you."
"Most of my landscapes deal with the palmprint/footprint of man."
"The inner condition of man is universal."
"I try to employ atmosphere in my work."
Thank you Nadav for helping me to breathe a little differently..Really great lecture.
If you are intrigued, check out Nadav Kander's website.

i learned layering encaustic is HARD...coating a photo is nothin.

indeed. still figuring it out. first experiment is a mess. did i say that it was a mess. that's o.k. i want it all white.

Photo Professor Job just posted on CAA at the University of Montana...Great Place to Work!!!

Well, I can't hardly believe it. This is really exciting news to all of your artists/photographers with your MFA's! The Fine Art Department at the University of Montana has just posted a job opening for an Assistant Professor in Photography. For any and all of you that are interested in this, let me say that the professors that you would be working with are amazingly authentic and fun and challenging and engaged. When I taught for them, the environment was inspiring. If you are interested, you should check out the other professors' projects. And may I selfishly say that I would love to connect with whoever settles here in Missoula. Wishing all of you that are applying all the best.

my friend melanie gave me this to photograph and it got me thinking

so my friend at work, melanie, gave me the challenge to photograph an object that she photographed. really, it's kindof like a game. well, it took me forever but i did it and it got me thinking about photographing objects that people give to me. she may not have noticed how fascinating the packaging was, but i couldn't separate the object from her presentation.

so here's the image and here's an idea. i am working on a project lately where i photograph things that are very important to me. then i box them up and bury them. i have told a number of people about this project and it often gets them thinking about what they would want to bury that is important to them. if you could contribute to history and to future archeology...what would you want to bury...what's your time capsule? so here's the's hard to bury things that you really love. so, if you want to do this but for some reason can't do the can send it to me and i will photograph your object. and i will bury it. i will send you a photo of the object and site too. if this interests you, you can send it to p.o. box 7073 missoula, mt. 59807. in the meantime, melanie thanks for giving me something to photograph.

are we really reaching the point where we can take a picture with our clothing??

M.I.T. is up to some bizarre possibilities. what an interesting future we all have.

by the way...

the title to my show is an ode to one of my favorite friends, heidi kellner, who introduced me to very important things when she gave me the elvis guitar clock...she was the one who authored the phrase..and she went through life numbering what she considered to be very important's funny how much the people we love affect our lives..thanks heidi for inspiring me.
here is one of the boxes buried...
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