my friend melanie gave me this to photograph and it got me thinking

so my friend at work, melanie, gave me the challenge to photograph an object that she photographed. really, it's kindof like a game. well, it took me forever but i did it and it got me thinking about photographing objects that people give to me. she may not have noticed how fascinating the packaging was, but i couldn't separate the object from her presentation.

so here's the image and here's an idea. i am working on a project lately where i photograph things that are very important to me. then i box them up and bury them. i have told a number of people about this project and it often gets them thinking about what they would want to bury that is important to them. if you could contribute to history and to future archeology...what would you want to bury...what's your time capsule? so here's the's hard to bury things that you really love. so, if you want to do this but for some reason can't do the can send it to me and i will photograph your object. and i will bury it. i will send you a photo of the object and site too. if this interests you, you can send it to p.o. box 7073 missoula, mt. 59807. in the meantime, melanie thanks for giving me something to photograph.
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