something about perspective that turns it all around

i was sitting at a stop sign. waiting.
a squirrel took off across the street.
from beyond my sight line a red sports utility car
hit it.
the squirrel tumbled beneath the car.
it all happened really fast.
the car drove off.
the squirrel flipped over again
and then ran into the shannon's yard.
it took my breath away.
i drove home and came back to the shannons yard with some food for the squirrel.
i couldn't find it.
later, i told my shannon friend about the squirrel.
he is a vibrant and positive spirit. he showed concern and then smiled.
"you know squirrels are amazing and resilient creatures." he told me a story about a squirrel getting caught in the spoke of a bike tire..that the squirrel jumped out and ran away. it gave me hope that perhaps the road squirrel that i saw today would be o.k.
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