what to write about

so i have been thinking about this blog and wondering what i have to offer aside from checking off my list that i am putting myself and my work out there...'doing it.' i am thinking about why share a journal (which is what this is) with others. sure i can share my work, but i am at a time in my life where because of the work that i do, my photography doesn't happen on a daily basis. actually, not even on a weekly basis. i am an educator. i work in visual communication...photography, video..but as an instructor, i think that my strength lies in helping people to connect with their work...commit to what they are passionate about.. on the days when i am not doing my own photography, i am usually working to help others do theirs. so i am going to use this journal to combine the two. this a.m., i read an article that is unrelated to photography directly, but it addresses the global desire of doing what you love. i came across it in the ny times. it's about working with your hands...getting back to your roots...gaining a better understanding of the complexities of skills that some of us may not consider. it affected me, so perhaps it will affect you. take a look at this
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